cu boulder racing team.


The CU Boulder Racing Team – – is a student organization at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Founded in 2016, the club provides automotive racing experience to students of all skill levels. The team builds multiple cars; one to compete in the intercollegiate competition known as Formula SAE and two to compete in the ChampCar Endurance Series and the 24 Hours of Lemons.



As Creative Director and Head of Outreach, Tyler oversees all outward facing aspects of the team including the website, social media accounts, and car liveries.  

THE WEBSITE – The first element to the project was the major overhaul to the team’s website. Built using a fully custom CMS, the new website is significantly more lightweight than other CMS platforms available today and provides the team all the functionality they need including member registration and news posts.

THE PHOTOS – In addition to the website and social media accounts, Tyler is responsibly for the photography team members at all team events. The photos taken shown below were taken by Tyler at races in Colorado, Utah, and Florida.

THE CARS – On a larger scale, Tyler is responsible for the design and painting of the car liveries for each car. These liveries are altered every race to accommodate the team’s sponsors and supporters.